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    Default Is Organic Soap good or bad for the skin

    I have sensitive skin thats why I decided to use organic soap so that no harsh ingredients is added. After once to twice of using I've noticed myself scratching my back already and felt really itchy. The thing here is I was using organic soap that time and it is supposed to be good very mild to the skin. Unfortunately It didnt.

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    Read the label of the soap. Sometimes just because it is labeled 'organic' doesn't necessarily make it so. Depending on the soap you may have a reaction to one of the ingredients as well. I would suggest using just a castile soap (without anything added to it) which is about as mild as you can get.

    Also, make sure you rinse the soap really good off of your skin.

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    I see thanks for that y34963.

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    my grandmother was mother of 9 children. they grew their own veggies and had a chicken coop and pigs. she made"all natural" soap from lye and lard. it was the best soap to get rid of poison oils. she use to wash with it and the children use to bathe in it. it was super harsh. made your skin dry. but i used to love to watch her make it. it kind of smelled like ivory soap only stronger. i wouldn't think it would be good for the skin. but it was all they had. she had been doing this since the early 1900's.

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    That's exactly how I make my soap except I don't use lard as I make just vegan soaps, I use oils and butters. With all the essential oils we have available to us we can scent our soaps naturally as well so the options are endless.

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    I think organic soap having Peppermint is really good for relieving muscle aches and any type of stress.

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    Sometimes the essential oil could act like allergen, check the ingredients.
    I use homemade castile soap.

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    When it comes to your skin, you should use only the best types of soap. But don't just head to the supermarket just yet; you should know that your non-organic soap may just be ruining your skin rather than making it better. Most commercially made soaps these days actually resemble detergents more than body soap. So if you don't want to treat your skin like laundry, opt to use organic herbal soap instead..........

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    Default Is Organic Soap good or bad for the skin

    Daily use of an organic oil is a great beauty treatment.They have such ingredients that will wash away the dirt and excessive oil while leaving your skin undamaged.

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    yes organic soap is better for skin...

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