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    Default Causes of hair loss or hair fall

    Before answering the question "how to stop/prevent hair loss/fall?", let us find out what are the causes of this problem? I do believe that prevention is better than cure.

    Based on my research, one of the causes of hair loss is lack of proper nutrition.

    Please feel free to add some causes you know.

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    bad shampoos and hair products...

    I lost a lot after a particular dye job..

    post partum...

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    I have experienced hair loss due to dandruff. I never had any such problem earlier and eat a well-balanced diet.

    My only problem is dandruff that is giving me a continuous hair fall.

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    Really Alice? I never heard like that before. It is maybe because of the fungi in your hair.

    One of the causes of hair loss is the medicine that you are taking like birth control pills and antidepressants.

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    Actually, I agree with Alice. There is a commercial in our country about the relationship of hairfall and dandruff. They say that those who suffer from hair fall usually have dandruff but it doesn't always mean though that when you have dandruff then you also suffer from falling hair.

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    Hair falling may be the external manifestation of an internal disorder. Nutritional deficiency, anemia, liver and stomach disorders and general debility may lead to hair fall. Stress, unhygienic condition of scalp, hormonal imbalance, chronic illness, etc. may also cause hair falling.

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    I think wearing helmet and using low graded shampoo and oil is the main reason for falling of hair and I also found that heredity is the main reason for falling of hair.

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    Yeah...! I too agree that, wearing of helmet gives hairfall. dust pollution during travel in roads, chlorinated water used for bathing, not using bitter sense in nutrition, etc gives hair fall.

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    I had a perm done 1 month ago, and my hair started breaking and falling at a real alarming rate- even postpartum it wasnt like that.
    I may have written about this before- well I got the same hair oil again this week and glad to say I have only 5-10 hairs off my hair bands every morning. And much of the breakage is also reduced
    Only thing is they hiked the price on that oil-
    its on this site

    I even applied on the hair, not scalp like I usually do- because it became so dry after the perm, the aussie 3minute miracle is really so much better than other conditioners, but still I could feel some parts dry and rough and brittle- so put the oil in those parts- and they feel stronger after 3-4 days.

    No more perms! ever!!!!

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    Bad shampoos, not taking care of hair, nutrition, diet, excessive use of straightners and all can contribute to the problem.

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