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    Default Black is Beautiful?

    We all know that there are many advertisements in the television which says use this product and you will have a lighter skin. I think that is only a hype for advertisers to sell their products. I don't really think there is wrong of a person having a dark skin. In the Philippines, it looks like having a dark skin means you are ugly. I totally disagree.

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    You are so true skincare. In fact, what I think is, dark skin is more sensuous and too much fair complexion makes the person look pale!

    If someone has got dark skin and the right kind of attitude to carry it, he/she can beat 1000 white people. Its just a narrow-mindedness to call a dark person ugly! I wish I were dark..! I am fair and I try tanning lotions to look a bit dusky. even celebs do that.

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    Wilma Doesnt is a good example. I like how she carry herself. I do not hate white skinned and fair skinned people. I just want to tell the world that black is beautiful

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    oh i know the philippines is so blind when it comes to the people there's NATURAL skin color. everyone there was born brown. and then they bleach their skins to make it lighter. i think thats ugly. when you have to torture your own skin to be 'beautiful'

    i like being perpetually tan. white people pay for my color! haha.

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    Filipino has this kind of mind set. I hope my fellow Filipinos will realize that they don't need to bleach themselves to be beautiful and others envy them for being tan.

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    You know that just goes to show how people are never satisfied with what they are light or dark, short or tall. We spend so much time wanting to be something we are not. I think we miss out on a lot not just being happy in our own skin!

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    ^ it also depends on society in general. nowadays girls are under so much pressure to become perfect in terms of their society's idea of 'beautiful'

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    Dark skin is beautiful. Pale skin is just plain ugly. We all want to look beautiful but that doesn't mean you have to change the color of your skin. Blame it on hollywood movies and the western influence. Come to think of it, these caucasians like to get tanned because they think they look more gorgeous when they're tanned.

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    I agree that Hollywood and the press and society as a whole is a bit misguided in what they consider acceptable and pretty. The models I see on the runway look almost sick to me they are so thin. I am sad that my daughter's have to deal more with this as peer pressure than I did as a child. No wonder so many women have eating disorders!

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    I'm from the Philippines too and I think the reason why celebrities and common people want to have white skin is because of our inferiority complex. We always try to copy trends in the States and even go as far as wanting/dreaming of living there. But I have a lot of friends with beautiful dark skin. For me, beauty actually depend on the quality and not the color of one's skin. If you're fair but covered with pock marks, then that's not pretty at all.

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