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    Palmer's Coco Butter body lotion or Astral. Can't go wrong.

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    Many people focus so much of their time treating the skin of their face that they end up neglecting the skin on their body. The winter season is a time when most of us experience dry skin on our hands and body. The key to keeping your skin soft and healthy is a good moisturizer. Most moisturizers available are composed of some formulation of oil and water, with added ingredients that may or may not help to combat specific skin problems.

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    i have been using gold bond restoring lotion. i have used all the other ones but this one seems to stay on my skin a lot longer. it has peptides in it and it makes my "healthy" skin soft and doesn't get chapped due to wind and cold. i say healthy because i have psorisis and i even use it on top of my rosehips and hibiscus cream.

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    The best advice that I can give in terms of keeping moisture in your skin, is to peel off regularly, and to spread thickly on the body cream twice a day - in the morning and at night before you go to bed. I also use the L'Oreal/garnier moisture sprays as well as cream, and my skin is always super soft.

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    Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, etc. are great moisturizers for your skin. I find if I use a store boughten cream with a lot of chemicals in it the cream must sits on my skin. If I use a natural product (shea butter alone is awesome but you only need to use a small amount) it soaks into my skins quickly and isn't greasy.

    Again, a body scrub once a week is essential. You can make your own with a little sugar and oil. This will leave your skin very soft as it will remove all of the dead skin and also ready to absorb the oils from your products.

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    I find the best way to treat my dry skin is by moisturizing right out of the shower. That helps me treat those chronic dry spots on my elbows, hands and legs. Recently, I've done some work with Eucerin and have found their Skin Calming lotion very effective, especially when my skin gets so dry and itchy in the winter.

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    Using a moisturizer out of the shower is fine.

    Remember though to use a body scrub to get rid of the dry skin so that your products will absorb into your skin otherwise you are wasting your money. Stick to as natural products as you can. Remember what we absorb through our skin gets into our body just as if we were eating it.

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    Lots of good tips here on how to moisturize. I also apply my moisturizer right after toweling off after a warm shower. This helps to seal the water to my skin with the help of the body lotion and makes it easier to protect it. I would recommend you drink lots of water throughout the day to stay hydrated and healthy too. I use parachute advansed body lotion to moisturize my skin and would recommend that you try it out for your skin too.

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    Very true.. Knowing when to apply the moisturizer or body lotion is very important make sure your skin has moisture before applying so that the lotion can form a seal to heal and moisturize the skin. I would still recommend parachute body lotion as it is still working very well for over the last few months.

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    According to me Loreal Body Lotion is good !

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