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DermaTalk Latest Articles

Foods that Help Your Skin

Some people are blessed with naturally healthy skin that has a glow and isn’t prone to stretch marks or scars. The rest of us have to take steps to keep our skin healthy. You can load up on vitamins, but ...

Skin Care for Golfers

If you are a golfer, you need to pay extra close attention to your skin.  Unlike sports like hockey, football, and baseball, the skin can be exposed to the sun for long periods of time and the lack of clothing ...

Personal Skin Care Routine

Everyone knows the importance of personal skin care, the option on how to take care depends on the person and it varies widely from one to another, a few people believe that daily visits to beauty parlor on a regular ...

Natural Skin Care Methods

Simply explaining natural skin care is taking care of one’s own skin in a natural way of taking care of one’s skin using natural remedies and products only, without use of any chemicals. It is also including healthy and natural ...