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Maintaining a healthy and beautiful skin especially in the facial area, is listed as one of the main objectives to be achieved not only by women but nowadays by men, because this part of our body is designated as our primary letter presentation, which is why the emergence of treatment with clay, have been for some years as one of the best ways to achieve that goal.

The clay treatments for the face as the main feature possess the vitality and regeneration that provide for the skin of that area, one of the main virtues that owns the clay is the exfoliation, which is popularly known as the skin that provides a softness and texture difficult to match by other cosmetics, not to mention issues such as health and vitality that also brings that element, on the other hand, and another of the main virtues of clay is its large mineral content, which in treatments for specified periods, to provide capacity to our skin to face the very useful and beneficial cell regeneration, as it is understood that is basic to avoid the appearance of annoying wrinkles, blemishes and facial pain.

Since this is basic, if we have a beautiful skin, to recommend the use of clay as a medium for this, however today, and thanks to various studies have found that the clay as well as possessing different skin types, which can generate or provide different benefits for each of us, since this is basic to highlight some types of clay and its virtues as:

White Clay: This type of clay ranked as the most neutral of all healthy, as its main feature healing and regenerative qualities thanks to its huge quantities of minerals in its composition. Among the virtues attributed to him on clay this highlights the roles of excellent healing, removal of impurities, antibacterial action and regulation of pH, which is very recognizable. It is worth mentioning that this type of clay is quite recommended for all skin types, especially for dry skin and aging process.

Red Clay: The red clay is highly recognized for its action and antiflamatoria Decongestion, not to mention their virtues to rebalance the blood circulation and help eliminate fatigue of the upset Chronica. This clay is now known as the healing clay, and then provides excellent skin cell regeneration; it is noteworthy that this is highly recommended for people with problems like cellulite and open wounds.

Yellow Clay: This type of clay is quite renowned for their detoxifying principles, as its major contents of trace elements favoring such a process, a point that one can not overlook is its contribution to health-skeletal bone, because within their main properties excel skills to cure ailments muscle and ligaments.

It can be said that all types of clay are quite recommended for any skin type, the only thing we have to take into account before any of them are the specific benefits that we want to get that element.

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