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If you are looking for the perfect tattoo design for your new tattoo and you don’t like the idea of picking something off of the flash on the wall, here are some great ideas to help you come up with that special design.

Your tattoo should reflect something about yourself. Whether it’s a hobby, your favorite song, a loved one, a memory, or just an interest of yours; a tattoo should have some amount of meaning to you. The best thing to do is come up with the main idea of your tattoo. Keep in mind that this can be significantly changed in a thousand different ways, but it will give you something to start with.

You can also find a tattoo design anywhere you go. If you are looking for that perfect design; look on shirts in the store or watch for a great design on the cover of a CD. Anything you see has the potential to be transformed into a tattoo for you.

Some other great places to get tattoo ideas are by looking at a lot of tattoos that you like. Figure out what it is that you like the best about them. Write them all down. You can take this information to a good tattoo artist and they will be able to draw something up for you.

Just remember that when you come up with that perfect tattoo design that you will want it to be something that you won’t get sick of seeing on yourself after awhile, this is why it’s best to not get something tattooed on you that may be just a fleeing thought.

Also, if you think that there is a chance that you may want to expand on the tattoo in the future you will want to keep that in mind when you are coming up with the design and let the tattoo artist know that this is a possibility so they can do the tattoo in a way that would allow for an easy addition in the future. They will be able to keep this in mind when they are recommending the placement of the tattoo to you as well.

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