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The most Controversial topics among the people of all ages. Acne is the skin disease which affects almost 85 to 100% of people at any time during our lives. So there has been many debate about whether eating chocolate could really lead to acne. Although there is no absolute proof that chocolate causing acne, some researchers frequently claims that chocolate caused acne.But the good news is that most of the researchers and dermatologist claims that acne has nothing to do with diet neither chocolate nor any specific food.

There are mainly four important factors responsible for the development of an acne lesion. These factors are:

  • follicular epidermal hyperproliferation with subsequent plugging of the follicle.
  • Excess of sebum production.
  • The presence and activity of Propionibacterium acnes.
  • Inflammation.

The Exact cause of Follicular epidermal hyperproliferation is not understood but there are three  leading hypotheses which are presence of androgen hormones,changes in lipid composition and Inflammation.So its not the diet that causes acne In fact, hormonal changes within the body have the greatest impact on your acne production.

Many researchers have infact stressed that more natural diet consisting of fresh fruits and veggies, whole grains, and lean proteins makes your body healthy and as a result good and clear skin.These nutritious diet can help the skin stay healthy too.So there has to be more research in order to prove definitive relation between diet and acne development.

So avoiding  chocolate won’t probably clear up your skin ,but overall healthy diet will certainly improve your health and skin.If particular food seems to cause more breakouts your acne just avoid it but remember there is no particular reason that they cause acne. Just enjoy your chocolate and let the researches do their jobs while we enjoy the delicious chocolates

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