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    Default Natural products for removing moles and skin tags

    Does anyone know any good and natural product for removing moles and skin tags? I have few on my face and several on my back.I'd like to get rid of it . please suggest some natural products.

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    i don't think natural products will do good for moles and skin tags..

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    Im not sure about moles but i had a skin tag on my face for about 2 years and one morning i woke up and it was gone. I think they can just drop off by themselves. My friends mum twists and pulls her skin tags off.... i wouldnt advise that method! Just go see your doctor and they will freeze them off!

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    wow shona you are luck. Hope mine too goes like yours.. i'm afraid of freezing and all those so if possible searching for natural. If not i'll try freeezing too.

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    My partner had a skin thing on the side of her nose. We went to the dermo and the removed it in about 5 minutes and 2 visits. then they test it to be sure..

    she had no scar at all

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