After reading the effectiveness of ketoconazole in nizoral 1 % and also for pets tru seb 1% ketoconazole /2% chlorohexdine shampoo.
To rid a whole body of skin fungal infection , it makes sense soaking in the bath.
How much in teaspoons of nizoral or the pet version to be mixed in 40 gals of water in the bath tub?
Use it every 4 days or 5? I mean head to toe soak for so many minutes.
The fungus that im battling is going away using this shampooo in the bath.
since our locsl health aides are not dermotologists here.
The doctors are located 1000 miles south of here .
How many teaspoons to 40 gals of warm water and how long do i soak in it?
How often to use this bath every 4 days or 5?
I need your help and no no creams are out of the question since the otc do not work.