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    Default Carpet burn has left a mark on my stomach!

    Hello everyone!
    2 weeks ago I was dragged across a carpet as part of a theatre production at my university. It obviously left a mark but I assumed that because there was no blood, etc it would fade in no time. I've used Aloe Vera, sudo cream and moisturiser and 2 weeks later there's still a red mark where the burn was. I'm really worried that it'll be permanent, as I already have many marks on my legs, etc. Is there anyway this could fade within time? Any products I should use?

    Thank you for your time!!!!!


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    it takes time to fade.. 2-3 months but if you are worried start applying scar gels like mederma gel.. that will help speeding up the scar recovery.

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    Agree with you! Mederma gel works good on scars and apply coconut oil also on your scars.

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