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    Default Microdermabration in Dallas

    At first I felt awkward with this Microdermabrasion in Dallas because it seems too good to be true, they said that they can take out all my acne and rejuvenate my skin at low cost, but I tried it and I'm really satisfied with the results, that is why I want to share my discovery to all of you ladies

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    How much does it cost you ??

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    Default Microdermabrasion in Dallas

    Yeah, microdermabrasion in dallas is true and satisfying.

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    There's a great article online written about Microdermabrasion from someone who has actually gone through the experience:

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    I would be very interested in the cost factor as well. I read the article and I think it is important to go to a facility that is run and staffed by medical personnel. They are doing stuff that goes way beyond the surface of the skin here.

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    i know a woman who had microdermabrasion. this was when it was first being tried. this was years ago. she had a terribly scarred face from having acne all her life and once she had this done, i would say in a months time she looked fantastic. i can just imagine the new improvements they made since then. by the way she looked so good i almost didn't recognize her!!!! but she had a derm do it.

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    Thats good to know that she got rid of her scars. I think its important that she went to a dermatologist. I feel that something of that nature needs to be done by an MD. Too many things can happen to you to just let anyone do it. I still am curious about the cost of it all. I am suprised David or anyone else has not come back and told us that.

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    I agree with Starchild47 -- a Microdermabrasion should definately be done by a doctor. The national average cost for this procedure is $135, but we do them at our clinic in Arizona for about $100.

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    So it is $100-$135 per session. How many sessions does a person have to have done in order to look younger? Is this a one time thing or is it an ongoing process?
    Thanks in advance

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    It depends on your skin condition. If you are just looking to freshen up your skin a bit, one time will do the trick.

    For those with skin conditions or problems, a minimum of five treatments is recommended. On average, the frequency of microdermabrasion treatments can vary between 4 to 8 treatments performed with approximately 2 week intervals between each successive procedure. The time interval is necessary for recovering the skin barrier function that is damaged after an aluminum oxide crystal microdermabrasion procedure is performed.

    Generally, it takes a time period of 1 to 4 days to recover the function and bring about an improvement in the skin tone.

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