Acquired Brain Injury which occurs after the birth and also its didnít related to the congenital and degenerative types of the disease. The ABI is divided into two types. 1. Traumatic Brain Injury2. Non Ė Traumatic Brain InjuryTraumatic Brain Injuries: - Itís a physical damage of the brain that causing by the forcefully hitting an object with the head. The major reasons for the brain injury are motor vehicles accidents, sports injuries, falling, child abuse and violent crimes.Non Ė Traumatic Brain Injuries: - Itís also known as the atraumatic brain injury. This condition occurs when body feel illness. Here are the most common causes of the non-traumatic brain injury:1. Stroke2. Tumors3. Less Oxygen supply to brain4. Brain & other infectionsTo get the perfect acquired brain injury treatment in India those people can easily contact Mind Plus Hospital. Mind Plus is the only hospital in India from where people can get the reliable results within the time at very low prices.