My seven years old girl had severe eczema since he was about one. It was worse as she was growing up.Her skin was dry ,and rhagadia pedis at the wrists , knees ,ankles .She woke up about two to three times every night ,each time scraching for more than half hour.even at noon-nap she canít slept well.We went to many famous hospitals in Beijing and other hospitals recommended by our friends ,but all failed.We search blogs and forum worldwide and had to apply plaster and lotion to her skin again and again just to try .It is torture to her,and sin to us to bring her to this world .Her mother and i was allergic constitution .Steroid can work but recrudesce after stop application. We donít like to use steriod to often as she is so young. We do the allergen tests, allergen list goes so long from egg ,beef ,fish,to meat almost including every kinds of food.I wouldít to imagine how she go to primary School with this b loody skin.
September afternoon 2017,we got one leaflet about specializing curing skin diseases.As usual I drove to that place and took a try again and didnít take it seriously after so many tries. But this time was different, she first slept a good sleep for five years that night.It is a plaster ,chinese medicine.Today is 2018.8.10, less than one year,her skin disease is cured .I donít know how to translate the recipe,but i can tell you there is one Chinese plaster can cure skin diseases such as eczema ,urticaria, psoriasis.itís magic ,I believe in it. contact me if you need help.