Here are 5 things you can start doing today to help prevent breast cancer.

1. Go Bra Free... (Whenever Your Can)

The stats show it: the greater the amount of time we spend wearing a bra, the greater our propensity for developing breast cancer. Why not cut down on this risk and let our boobs go free more often? By wearing bras, we constrict our ta-tas and prevent our lymph from circulating and releasing all the icky toxins we accumulate. Wearing a bra over 12 hours daily has shown to result in a 113-fold increase in breast cancer. Let the girls hang free whenever you can.

2. Use a Dry Skin Brush.

This is one of the easiest ways to detoxify. By giving your bod an awesome daily brush up, you support its natural elimination processes. The skin is the largest and most important elimination organ in the body- always working to get rid of all that toxic goop we build up. Itís super quick, simple, and invigorating, taking up only two minutes of your day. You can get one of these brushes at your local health food store, beauty supply shop or buy one online.

3. Massage with a little love.

Oh, castor oil, how I love you. Turmeric, youíre fab too. When rubbed onto your skin, castor oil has the ability to penetrate deeper than any other essential plant oil. This makes it a super powered detoxifier with the ability to boost lymph circulation. Bright yellow turmeric is the most amazing cancer prevention spice. It modulates the immune system and decreases inflammation. Get your love to massage castor oil, perhaps mixed with some turmeric into your breasts, armpit, and neck area and then if you have the time, let it soak in and lightly rinse off while hanging in a warm bath.

4. Choose not to beautify with poison.

Many conventional moisturizers are chock full of some serious poisonous stuff. When we get out of the shower, we massage lotion into our skin, breasts included, and often these products contain carcinogenic ingredients, which become even more hazardous when combined with the oil base. The oil acts as a shuttle, bringing these toxins straight into the bloodstream, where they seek fatty tissue to settle in. Our breasts are right there ready and waiting. There are many natural options out there to use instead: one of the simplest and best is coconut oil.

5. Sip on detox magic.

Delicious beverages can be cancer preventative when they pack a nutritional-powerhouse punch like the one below. The key is to get in loads of alkalinizing green goodness. The body loves to be in an alkaline state, but all too often we load it down with the acid -orming diet standards such as refined flours, sugar, dairy, and alcohol. Cancer has a dance party in acidic internal environments. The key then is to pack in the greens and a power drink is one of the easiest ways to do it.