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    Default What is a good, simple daily health habit that has strongly improved your health?

    These "31"Good-Simple-Health Habits if followed regularly can give you massive results in long run.

    Idea is to "Start small" even if it means doing just one pushup everyday and build it over time. Just make sure about one thing: Do not miss a single day! Do not break the chain.

    You need to feed these habits daily to your sub-conscious. Imagine an avalanche! A time will come where these habits will be so ingrained in you that they will feel as easy as breathing to you.

    And then you can proudly say: Living fit is easy, whereas living unfit was hard

    Note: These 31 ( and many more ) simple daily health habits have been part of me long enough for me to realise their awesome benefits.

    They are not something I have read in a non-fiction book and dictating to you. Some are few months old whereas some have been part of me for over a decade!

    I have divided these 31 simple habits into 3 categories for sake of simplicity:

    - Movement

    - Nutrition

    - Overall Health


    Walk more: Get a fitness band and challenge yourself anything above 5,000 steps daily. Ultimately aim for 10,000 steps daily.

    Stand more: I got a custom-made standing desk and now after many months, I stand 60% of the time and work. Standing burns more calories than sitting and can save you from the ill-effects of chronic sitting.

    Maintain an upright posture most of the time: This will take time. Keep you stomach slightly pulled in, and chest out, shoulders pulled back and neck upright. Maintaining yourself upright against the gravity burns calories at the same time can tremendously improve your breathing patterns.

    Breathe correctly: Practice diaphragmatic breathing, which is a slow and calm movements of your diaphragm and not your upper chest. This type of breathing keeps your cells in aerobic state, which aids in fat loss and increases your energy.

    Do Note: These above 4 habits alone helps me burn anything from 500 to 1,000 calories daily without really spending time on working out!!

    Did you know that to burn 1 lb of body fat you need to burn 3,500 calories. So imagine without any workouts, I am burning 1-2lbs of body fat every week!

    Do Yoga: Along with weight training, doing Yoga relaxes me and help me stretch my muscles. Its an excellent mind-body movements that challenges me in many different ways and perfectly complements my intense weight training workouts.

    Do Weight Training: There are immense benefits of taking your heart rate to the maximum. Doing weight training has immense benefits which you can read here.

    Multitasks with exercise: I am NOT a big fan of multi-tasking. But from time to time I do include low-intensity movements with other tasks- When I spend time with my kid, I never sit down with him. I am always on the move and make sure he also gets his dose of regular movement daily. Most we play football, hide and seek etc.

    Although I don't like cardio too much, I have a rowing machine in front of the TV. I hardly watch TV, but if a good movie, or a talk show is on, I manage to put in 10 to 15 minutes of HIIT session! I stand up and walk every time an advertisement comes etc.
    Never ever go to buy your groceries or food, empty stomach: I have noticed this pattern from time to time. High number of unhealthy items in your grocery list is directly proportional to how hungry you were when shopping!

    Clear your kitchen: Absolutely clear the junk from kitchen. More sugary things (or other unhealthy stuff ) you have in kitchen more you are likely to eat them from time to time.

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    getting up earlier at 5 am and sleeping at sharp 9 pm has helped me stay healthy and follow all my routine in a best way

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