I started getting rashes all over my body more than 3 months ago. They were in irregular shapes, raised, there was blanching. Sometimes, I get tiny red dots on a place that has been itchy which is most likely broken capilliars. I went to the doctor's and got diagnosed with atopic dermatitis. I got prescribed 2 antihistamine pills and corticosteroid cream. I switched my skincare routine entirely. At the time of the diagnosis i did not have dry skin, instead it used to be oily. After a few weeks my skin started getting dry. I was told to stop eating all sorts of foods which contain the most commom allergens as an allergy was suspected. I did but it didn't help. After some time I had to stop using the medication and it got very bad so i started taking one of them (cetirizine dihydrochloride). I have been taking it since May. It is still very bad and even unbearable. My doctor tells me it should get clear soon but there are no signs of it happening. Also, not sure if related but I get a lot of bruises for no reason and, as i said, clusters of red dots which then turn to bruises, again probably broken blood vessels. I suspect the itchiness may be due to stress as I've been exposed to unreal amounta for a while now. Another suspicion may be thyroid problems but I haven't checked due to my current financial state. If anyone has experiences something like that or has an idea please let me know