When should you get a screening?

If your family has any of these situations then there is the possibility of increased chances of HBOC in your family. Have a look at these conditions!

One or more women are diagnosed with cancer at the age of 45 or younger.
One or more women have got the diagnosis of breast cancer at the age of 50 or younger along with having the family history of pancreatic cancer, melanoma, and prostate cancer.
Any of your male relatives are diagnosed with breast cancer.
You have the family history of pancreatic, ovarian, or breast cancer on the same side of your family.
Any of the women in your family was diagnosed with having a double attack of the breast or ovarian cancer or she has both ovarian and breast cancer.
Your family has a history of male breast, ovarian, pancreatic, or women breast cancer.
You have ovarian or breast cancers in different generations of your family, for example, both aunt and the grandmother from your motherís side are diagnosed with any of these cancers.