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    Default Anti aging routine

    I was wondering if there is anything else I should be doing to prevent aging.

    My current routine is Glyderm gentle cleanser (0.02 percent glycolic acid), philosophy renewed hope in a jar moisturizer spf daytime (alpha hydroxy acids). Matrixyl and hyaluronic acid serum layered under cetaphil eye gel for my eyes. Rosehip oil night time. I find that retinol makes my skin worse so I've been using rosehip for vitamin a. Strivectin facial scrub twice a week to exfoliate. I've tried a lot of high end serums and creams but currently this basic routine is working well for preventing lines and keeping breakouts away.

    Silkn face fx once a week to promote collagen
    Facial steamer with ozone twice a week then wash with ice water
    I tried dermarolling but I think it makes lines worse.

    Also a supplement with collagen and vitamin a.

    If I'm missing any crucial ingredients or gadgets please let me know. Currently i'm trying to reduce under eye puffiness and find a non greasy serum with peptides that won't break me out. Everything breaks me out.
    Has anyone tried the face fascia blaster?


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    I think best anti aging tips is to eat anti-aging foods. These foods are loaded with essential nutrients and antioxidant molecules that have property to protect the cells from damage. I have found several information regarding anti-aging foods that overcome aging on zovon, webmd, healthline, and more.

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    Anti-ageing is a broad discussion. In my opinion, anti-ageing creams are not helping a lot in this regard. However, by getting old, the level of Collagen started declining in the body, and according to experts, we can take Collagen supplement to meet the appropriate the level of Collagen in the body. According to WebMD and other online health sites, Collagen supplement is useful not only for skin but also for hairs, bones and brain. But before using this supplement, you must consult with your dermatologist.

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    I believe, Yoga is one of the best exercise for overall health wellbeing, It has several asanas that can reverse the aging up to certain extent. i have found an amazing article " 21 Yoga Poses for Anti Aging – Yoga Turns the Clock Back" at zovon.

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    Default thx

    I agree with you, thank you for sharing.
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