Hi! I'm new and excited about this message board. I just recently turned 30 and my skin has been freaking out. Aging is horrific. I was wondering if anyone can sort this out for me. It seems that hypoallergenic or gentle cleansers make my eyes have an allergic reaction. Ironic. I thought they were supposed to help allergies not cause them. I bought the Dr. Perricone Hypoallergenic cleanser which worked amazing. I loved the texture of my skin and it really helped prevent acne which almost everything breaks me out. After a few days my eyes started burning like crazy. They were puffy and tearing for days. It was super painful and I couldn't look in bright light. I thought it was my new eye cream that I tried at the same time so I stopped it and continued using the cleanser. Each day getting ready my eyes were puffy. I then had another painful few days and thought it was my tamanu oil I had started at the same time as well. I discontinued and finally after a few more weeks I figured out it was the cleanser. Next I bought the garnier gentle cleanser and I could feel my eyes starting to burn that night so I stopped immediately and went back to my normal and all eye problems went away. Next I tried the Avene hypoallergenic face and body gel cleanser and my eyes swelled up again. I was using tea bags and ice for 3 days. I just recently ordered the slip pillowcase at sephora and woke up the next day with puffy eyes again. I didn't know that silk is naturally hypoallergenic before googling. I'm staying away for good but does anyone know why this happens to me? Thanks everyone!