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    Default Is there any home remedy to remove body hairs?

    Read on if youíre a woman.

    Itís a very effective method to get rid of facial hair. It also has other benefits, like cleansing your skin and making it softer and smoother. It also removes tan.

    So, here it goes,

    Take 1 table spoon of gram flour (besan)

    Add 3/4th table spoon of coconut oil (or desi ghee, if you donít have coconut oil)

    Add a pinch of turmeric powder.

    Mix it all well, using a spoon or your finger.

    Keep adding little amounts of rose water (or normal water) as you mix to get a paste like consistency.

    Apply it all over your face and neck. Leave it till it gets dry.

    Now, the most important part. When this pack dries up, use your fingers to rub off the mask in the direction opposite to hair growth I.e. in upward motion. Donít be too harsh. Donít be too soft here. Just the right amount of pressure.

    You can wash your face with plain water after youíre done rubbing the mask off.

    Use this once a week. You will start getting visible results in 2Ė3 months.

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    The home remedies given here for Unwanted hair removal are very easy to follow. Find out which of the method is most suitable for your unwanted Hair.

    1. Sugar Lemon Mix For Facial Hair
    Sugar mixed with water and lemon juice will help in exfoliating your face and offer natural bleach to your face. The lemon juice used will help in lightening the color of your facial hair. These three ingredients combine to help effectively remove hair on your face as well as other parts of the body. It is advisable not to use these ingredients on sensitive parts.

    2. Sugar, Honey and Lemon Mixture for Hair on Legs and Arms
    3. Sugar Molasses Home Wax Treatment
    4. Lentil and Potatoes
    5. Alum Rosewater Treatment
    6. Egg Mask Facial Hair Removal

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    Before we take a gander at the back hair expulsion strategies, we need to discuss the bushy obvious issue at hand…

    Such a large number of individuals are searching for a changeless hair expulsion strategy, one that will wipe out body hair for the last time. They take a stab at everything from waxing to electrolysis to laser hair evacuation, all with an end goal to prevent those annoying hairs from becoming back.

    Be that as it may, is there such an unbelievable marvel as "perpetual"? Is there any approach to keep hair from re-developing, or will it generally return the end?

    Truth time: there's solitary ONE hair evacuation technique that can be viewed as changeless. Electrolysis consumes the hair follicles, harming them so much that your body can't repair them. With the follicles harmed, they can't grow new hairs.

    Be that as it may, even electrolysis isn't 100% changeless. Numerous individuals who experience this kind of hair evacuation wind up re-developing body hair following a couple of years. When 10 years have gone since the finishing of electrolysis, hair follicles have re-developed no less than a level of body hair. It's not as dull or thick as it was before the electrolysis, however it's as yet noticeable.

    Laser hair expulsion normally works for up to multi year or somewhere in the vicinity. The light shaft damages the hair follicles, yet not to the degree of electrolysis. It backs off the re-development rate without really halting it. That is the reason it's prescribed to get follow-up laser hair evacuation treatment consistently. That way, the laser will consume with smoldering heat the hair again.

    With respect to the next hair expulsion strategies (waxing, tweezing, shaving, sugaring, threading, and so forth.), the hair evacuation doesn't keep going anyplace close as long. Wax your legs, and you may not see legitimate hair re-development for multi month or something like that. Wax your back or bears, and the outcomes may last somewhat more (because of the sparsity of hair in these locales). Be that as it may, at last, the hair will dependably become back!

    Understanding this will assist you with realizing that there is no such thing as "lasting" hair evacuation. Individuals who are searching for how to dispose of body hair for all time normally will be disillusioned. The common hair expulsion techniques underneath are exceedingly compelling, yet they can't guarantee anything perpetual!

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