Hello im a 17 year old kid and im having these small bumps on dorsal side of my penis shaft
Im a virgin
These bumps are completely painless and are confined to my skin only
I have no itching on this are nor any pain
These bumps have a small blackish thing on them pls tell me if these are not visible in images
These are like those blackish things which grow when some part of body is getting healed after an injury but i never had any injury here
These 5-7 bumps grow upto some extent and then just stop and stay there
I have been having these since june-july of 2017
Recently i just slid my hand over one of these bumps and this blackish thing cane off along with some whitish thing i do not know if it was pus but i did not burst it forcefully
Pls tell me what it is i hope it is not some deadly disease which cannot be treated
Also i saw on these forums there are many people like me here who have similar problems related to penis i just hope the best for each and every one of u nd my prayers r eith u that whatever condition it may b u all can be treated
Pls help me