So, some background to this. It turns out I have a case of penoscrotal webbing even though I'm uncircumcised. That is only partially the issue though, I've had small circular ridges that almost look like melted skin under my shaft.
I've never seen anyone else have it, I feel like they shouldn't be there in the first place and it's some sort of weird malformation.

Whenever I press against it, I can feel hair follicles inside them, and as you can see by the images below, some hair DOES indeed grow out of them. This has begun to not only grown unpleasant to look at, but somewhat uncomfortable as well. I've always had an abundant amount of hair, and this pushes it. If I shave, the prickles make it itchy, and if I wax, it hurts like hell. This extends all the way over to the middle of my shaft.

Any help would be very appreciated on my strange issue! If not, I might need to see a urologist and in the more extreme case, laser treatment or sergury.