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    I do like the idea about using products with Vitamin C in them. I have also heard of people breaking open Vitamin E capsules and using that on their face and skin areas that they have problems with. I have some liquid Vitamn E that I use as a natural preservative for my bath products, I may try using that on my face and see if it helps.

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    Thumbs up Natural Ingredients Is The Way To Go!

    I believe antioxidants have great effects to the skin, as too it has great effects to the body when eaten. There's a lot of discovery of all these fruits and how they have antioxidants and turned them into drinks and so on. I found a product called ageless and it has so many different antioxidants that help your skin, i actually tried it myself and I'm amazed how good it works, it doesn't just help wrinkles but makes your skin tone a lot better... Other then that I do eat a lot of fruits to that have antioxidants and drink a lot of water. If you want to try out the ageless skin product I get it from this site...
    Hope this helps you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 010081 View Post
    Anti-wrinkle creams actually help reduce the appearance of aging or wrinkle. Remember these creams are not permanent wrinkle removers.They either help remove the dead outer layer of skin or hydrate the skin and plump it up, giving the appearance of removing wrinkles.Results can be seen after about 30 days,But,once you stop using these creams, the wrinkles might return again, so ongoing product use can become expensive depending on which cream you buy.

    The best anti-wrinkle cream is a good sunscreen that protects the skin against ultra violet light. The best sunscreens may either contain zinc oxide or a combination of chemicals that include Mexoryl, and stabilized Avobenzone. To get the good result, it has to be applied every day and in sufficient quantity to all sun exposed skin.

    Thanks so much for this information. It really helps to know what ingredients to look for when buying a product. You see expensive products then you see cheap products in the store and I have always wondered if the cheap versions are just as good. I've always heard you get what you pay for but sometimes I wonder if this is always the case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skincare View Post
    I suggest to use products with vitamin C in it. Vitamin C helps smooth lines and wrinkles. It also helps support collagen production to diminish wrinkles and firm the skin.
    I agree, Vitamin C has been shown to rejuvenate your skin and lighten as well.

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    Hi all! This is my first post. Here is my two cents:

    Vitamin C: I have had good results with l-ascorbic brightening serum as a brightener and anti-wrinkle. It also smooths the skin surface over time, which makes my skin better looking overall. But you should be careful since some people can not handle the acidity of this ingredient, i.e. their faces get really red in reaction to this. But if you can tolerate it, I think you will see clear results from products with Vitamin C in a sufficient concentration.

    Peptides: I have had really good anti-wrinkle results with peptide-based early signs serums with matrixyl. they are targeted at light wrinkles, hence the name "early signs serum". I have tried a few different brands, and the results have been good with each. The main difference between the brands is the base formula that they use to carry the matrixyl. I prefer a water-based serum, but some products also put matrixyl in a cream formula.

    DMAE: I have not used it yet, but my older sister loves the anti-wrinkle effect of DMAE. I think she uses a product from Perricone, but I am not sure. I will ask her next time I talk to her on the phone.

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    Collagen, at the skin level is naturally the occurring fibrous protein, is a primary support structure of the skin. It gives the skin strength and suppleness as well as an inherent ability to retain moisture, and makes up about 70% of dermal volume. With aging, and as a result of exposure to the sun, our collagen fiber components begin to weaken, become less pliant and more hardened. The result is the development of dry, wrinkled skin that has lost its inherent elasticity.

    Collagen is a powerful anti-ageing protein. Without enough collagen your skin & body is old, whatever your age! No Anti-Ageing system can be effective without an adequate supply of body collagen.

    Rose Sea Collagen Serum is a good stuff. I bought my mum one bottle this year. She love it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shshly View Post
    Collagen is a powerful anti-ageing protein. Without enough collagen your skin & body is old, whatever your age! No Anti-Ageing system can be effective without an adequate supply of body collagen.

    Rose Sea Collagen Serum is a good stuff. I bought my mum one bottle this year. She love it.
    According to all the medical/science books that I have read, there is no type of collagen that can enter the deep skin layers (where natural collagen is located) from outside. The benefit of collagen in skin care products is to give a smooth surface feel, not to enter the skin and somehow refill the natural collagen that is there.

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    Unfortuantely Melanie is correct. Collagen is a protein and its molecules are too large to be transdermal or able to be transferred through the outer layer of the skin to the dermis or inner layer where they would need to go to replace lost collagen. This is where the advertisers say " the cremes help you look younger". There are not many products that are transdermal.
    Two natural products that I know of that are transdermal are natural shea butter and emu oil. I am sure there are others but I do not know of them at the present time.

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    I don't really need wrinkle creams yet since I am still in my 20s. But I have tried a few already. I am a product junkie so I always buy different products even if I don't really need it. Anyway, I have used a few anti-wrinkle creams that can be bought in the grocery and none have really worked. I only use in on a part of my forehead which has some wrinkles. If it can't remove countable wrinkles then I don't see how it can get rid of wrinkles in old age.

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    I have been doing some more research and the products with Vitamin C and DMAE according to dermatologists look like the way to go. Of course, you need to research the products as well to make sure they have a good amount in them, but the Academy recommends this.

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