Hello there!

Thank you all for helping me out, I really appreciate it. Where I live doctor appointments take a while to get to, and I'd rather now A.S.A.P. what these spots are so I know I'm healthy.

So, I've had these spots for a while, and the reason why I never really addressed them is because I'm not sexually active so I always knew it wasn't an STD. I've had a few sexual encounters after which I've got tested, and it was fine.

The white spots are very small, clustered together, they don't itch and are not painful in any way. They are not spreading and seems to be like they just sit there and do nothing. I have a similar cluster of them about halfway down my penis, when I pull down the foreskin. These act in the same way as well. It doesn't itch, it doesn't chip off.. nothing. Just sits there. There is a spot here and there randomly on my penis head. They are really hard to see, and you have to get really really close and flash a light to see it. But it's there and I'm wondering if it's affecting my penis sensitivity. I'd really like to know what it is because I'm in my twenties and I consider myself to be attractive at least to some but I've denied every sexual experience I could have had out of fear of infecting my partner with whatever it may be, if it's infectious, and also feeling extremely guilty about it, as I am a tidy and clean person.

One thing that I have to say is that my penis has an unpleasant smell. I don't know what happens so the smell comes, but I am worried that it may be a yeast infection as I have oral thrush, and sometimes when I pee after a night of drinking or whatever, my urine seems to have a really strong, distinct smell. In fact, the smell is so strong, that if I don't really get in there and clean it, the smell will start to appear maybe an hour after washing, which I hate. My penis head seems to be sensitive as well, so when I receive oral it's displeasing and not pleasurable at all. I was wondering could this just be because I use regular soap or shampoo to clean it? I've read that I can mess up my pH values and create a breeding ground for bacteria that gives off the scent.

I bought this medicine that I read may help reduce the smell (kill the bacteria) and it actually works. It's called Chloramphenicol, and whenever I apply it there is no smell. Whenever I don't have it applied, the smell is there. The cream itself looks like smegma and I don't think it's edible, so I'd rather not receive oral sex while I have the cream on. But when I don't, I'm afraid that my partner may say it stinks, and I may not have noticed, going in knowing that I had a shower a couple of hours prior but the smell still being there.

The image is actually not my penis, but looks identical and is at the same spot. Bear in mind that this exact white spot is on random locations on my penis as well, but as I've said they are really hard to see but look exactly the same and I'm assuming it's the same thing.


Thank you for helping me! <3