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    Glares along with sunscreen for the body is very essential. Also a lip balm with a SPF is essential. Keep reapplying after every couple of hours when out in the sun and after every swim. Most essentially apply sunscreen even if there is no sun and throughout the year.

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    I think, some tips to avoid skin cancer are : don't often use skin cream with mercury inside, because some people said, this mercury can damage your skin and cancer.

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    skin cancer is a very dangerous one which initially targets on the sense organs to develop and then they go interior. So its better to take safety measures like wearing hats, sun glasses, lip guard and good full hand cotton shirts, etc.. the very best thing is to drink more water. then please avoid going out unnecessarily at times from morning 8am to evening 4pm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by saggy View Post
    It's known that 80% of lifetime sun exposure is acquired before age 18.
    I disagree. Most of sun exposure is acquired in the adulthood, kids and teens don't spend so much time outdoors these days. So it's never too late to start protecting your skin for UV rays.

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    all i can say on this is sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen sunscreen, and more sunscreen.

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    Yes, if you use sunscreen every single day (even on cloudy days) you would not need as many products as you use. The sun causes more damage to our skin than anything else. It is never too late to start using a sunscreen either.

    To say that It's known that 80% of lifetime sun exposure is acquired before age 18 is absolutely wrong. It is so annoying when people make statements like that that make no sense whatsoever!

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    Our skin has a natural defense system in the form of antioxidants that help to protect our skin from the sun's uv rays and can even help to prevent skin cancer by mopping up free radicals. However, these antioxidants need to be replaced constantly. Here is a blog that I found to be interesting and helpful: [ Link Under Review]

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    Please do not spam this site.

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    I have suggested some points which will help to avoid skin cancer.
    1. Avoid being in the sun or using sunlamps.
    2. Wear clothes made from tight woven fabric.
    3. Wear sunglasses .
    4.Apply sunscreens
    5.Be aware of reflection.
    6.Be aware of cloudy days
    7.Regular check up is necessary.

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    I think it's best that everyone gets checked by their dermatologists on an annual basis. Sometimes this preventative screening is a part of your health insurance, so it's worth it to go. It's also important to avoid sun burns as much as you can. Sun burnt skin is very damaging.

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