Hey, I have noticed for months now what seems to be a cluster of bumps on the shaft of the penis and two tiny bumps above it. I'm not sure if this is a std related or a rash from somewhere. Me and my girlfriend have gotten tested for all major stds (HIV, syphillis, Gonerrhea, chamlydia). I've used latex condoms and we've had unprotected sex sometimes. She also got tested for genital herpes which came out to be negative. The rash or whatever it is doesn't itch or anything or isn't painful. I'm not sure if it's a rash from a unknown latex allergy which I'm not sure if I have or maybe I have genital herpes? The thing is they aren't filled with fluid and they are tiny cluster of bumps, but genital herpes just comes to mind. What can this be? Please help and thanks. Pictures are provided below.