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    Default Mosquito-Like Bumps, But No Bites/No Mosquitoes!

    I am 27 years old, and for the past week, I have had weird bumps appearing on different parts of my body. They are exactly like mosquito bites and they are very itchy (exactly like mosquito bites). They also look the same as mosquito bites (not the small bites, but the big ones where it swells up, about 1/4 to 3/4 the size of a quarter). However, I haven gotten up to 10 of these itchy bumps in a day and I haven't seen a mosquito for the past 4 months (since I moved to the city I currently live in). I am also almost always indoors. They are very itchy, and the more I scratch, the more they itch and remain swollen. Each itchy bump stays for about a day, but new ones appear constantly. It started with one, but now I have 5-10 at any given day.

    The itchiness (which is the equivalent to having 5-10 new mosquito bites every single day), is really irritating to bear and makes it difficult to remain concentrated on work/study.

    Could someone please help me identify this skin problem?

    Kind regards.

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    Here is a picture. I have a bit less on the left shoulder, some on my feet (I don't know why, but yes, on my feet), one small spot on my thigh and had one on my finger one or two days ago.

    (I am aware of the keratosis pilaris. Have had it since birth, I think, and apparently it isn't really treatable)

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    **Rick Namer** Male

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    Ouch - not fun! Have you changed anything in your day to day life? Detergent? Cologne?

    Have you spent a lot of time outside? I know when I go hiking I'm prone to breakouts if my skin is exposed. I started wearing long pants every time I hike - the best tactical pants go a long way in avoiding rash/breakouts like that.

    Do creams or ointments help at all?

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    **Shiza khan** Female

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    I think this is heat rushes if not then you should contact to a surgeon for treatment

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    **Barbara Davidson** Female

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    I prefer using natural remedies to get rid of mosquitoes. They can't stand the smell of peppermint, tansy, wormwood, and tomatoes. Vanilla is a good mosquito repellent too. In this article one can find all methods of getting rid of mosquitoes. It's written there how to treat their bites also. Hope it will come in handy.

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