So about 3 weeks ago, I developped a red rash to the side of my left eye which is now in both. I have seen 3 GPs who have all given me different cream for it and none of them seem to have worked!

My background:
28, Male, Keep fit (4 gym sessions a week for about 4 years), I social smoke and drink only at the weekends.I have always had great skin and never had anything like this before. Never had eczema or any rash similar to it. I don't eat junk food and eat a lot of greens/ fruit along with a healthy amount of meat.

The rash occasionally itches a bit and burns a tiny bit but nothing too bad. It fluctuates from one eye to the other being worse and this seems to be apparent every time I wake up in the morning. Some days it is okay, some days it looks like it does in the pictures linked above. Also some days the red bumps have little white heads on them but they disappear overnight.

I have been prescribed Fusidic Acid which helped a bit but it didn't make it go away. Then I was prescribed Hydrocortisone cream as the doctor felt it was eczema (from accross her table and not actually having a good look). This didn't help at all. Now I am on a very soft cleanser/ moisturiser which acts as a skin barrier and also antihistamines... again not any better.

I have mentioned periorbital dermatitis to my doctor as it looks similar to some google images I have seen and that is when I was given the very soft cleanser/ moisturiser + antihistamines. She ruled out fungal infection as it is in both eyes.

I don't know if anyone could shed any more light on it but would be good to know if someone has something similar and/ or has treated something similar? Thanks for your time.