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    Default How do you feel about plastic surgery?

    If you had an unlimited amount of money to spend on it, would you consider having it done purely for cosmetic reasons? Personally it's not something I've thought much about. We all look younger than we are in my family thanks to some lucky genes, but that doesn't mean I'd rule it out forever either. I'm more of the "each to his own" opinion on this subject.

    What made me think about it was this article from Marie Claire:

    Over-bleaching, over-tweezing, over-Botoxing.... The craze in upkeep has women so hooked, doctors and industry pros are now turning them away.

    Sometime in the past 10 years, collagen injections, and the Fraxel laser, it became not only accepted but expected that celebrities would plot — and implement — their expensive antiaging strategies well before the first sign of a line. While the gossip on awards-show night used to be, "Did you see Meg Ryan's hair?" it became, "Did you see Meg Ryan's face?" (We doubt her plastic surgeon is experiencing the same surge in demand as Sally Hershberger, architect of her famous shag.)

    Not that there's anything wrong with a little upkeep — most women today have moderate views on cosmetic surgery. In 2006, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) revealed that 63 percent of women in this country approve of it, though just 34 percent would consider it for themselves. But Hollywood, never known for its self-control, is riding a new wave of cosmetic procedures — surgical and non — to an unrecognizable extreme. Sure, this has had some perfectly attractive, rejuvenating effects on some stars, but many have been semi-shocking (Melanie Griffith).

    One has to wonder: Are they — are we — really this uncomfortable with getting older, or have cosmetic procedures become an obsession? After all: Jenna Jameson! Priscilla Presley! Courtney Love! Do they think we don't notice? Do they think they look good? And worse: Are they rubbing off on the rest of us?
    The full article's here, entitled How Much is Too Much? and it made me wonder what would make you do it, or if you'd never have it done.

    Why someone as beautiful as Meg Ryan would do it is beyond me. Hollywood demands eternal youth, I guess...which is a shame as it misrepresents what real women look like as they age, instead giving us this celluloid soft-lens version that 99.9% of us can't live up to.

    Should we really care enough to want to though?

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    I am open to having plastic surgery. I am happy with the way I look, but would love to lose a few inches here and there. And if I can afford safe and effective plastic surgery, then I will definitely go for it. I won't touch my face for now because I don't have wrinkles or facial problems.

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    My wife has had lyposuction, which we still very happy with even after five years. Other than that, I think there are too many non-surgical proceedures available today that are great alternatives to cosmetic surgery.

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    To be honest, I think I'd be too chicken but that's only because I had serious complications under anesthetic years ago. Now for me to have surgery that involves being put completely to sleep it would need to be a life or death situation or very close to that before I would consent to it.

    davidross, that's a good point. There's so many alternatives now that really surgery isn't the only option like it used to be. Botox for example I believe has only been around for about twenty years and it's been even less time since its cosmetic application.

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    I personally wouldn't go for plastic surgery as I would no longer look like myself now.But if I had lots of money then I would have gone for treatments with cosmetics to improve my looks.

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    I wouldn't do it, even if I had the money. I am comfortable with aging naturally and everything that comes with it. If money was no problem, I would definitely find something better to spend it on!

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    Well, not that I would really need it that badly myself, but if it makes a person feel more secure and better about the themselves GO for it!
    I'm still going to school and the only person that I know of that had plastic surgery is my classmate Ema. She used to be so shy, quiet, anti-social and I could go on... Now that she's had plastic surgery(rhinoplasty) she is alot more easygoing and open. People if you can afford it, then by all means...

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    I don't think most people need it. Look at Michael Jackson, he was great looking before he went under the knife. However, in some cases it does make an improvement. I have some fat on the sides that no matter what I do, and I do, I can't get rid of.

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    I think my nose could do with a bit of work. Its large and has a bulge at the top where i broke it years ago. What I would like done is to have the small bulge shaved down so that my nose has lines. I'm not bothered about making it smaller thats how it is meant to be.

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    Never say never.... i feel very happy with the way i look but i am only 24 years old so i might be thinking different at 40. I think a lot of celebs have too much money they dont know what to spend it on. For the average person when we feel a little down we might buy a new top or a new lip gloss but for the rich and famous they buy a new nose!!

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