I am very concerned about scabies. I have been really itchy at some points throughout the last month or so but not every day or constantly, and I don't have any major rash. I do have the occasional spot or red blotch/mark but I didn't think this was caused by scabies as they appear individually and far apart. I have been very itchy in my nose and it is not down to allergies so if I do have scabies I'm concerned they are in my facial area as well as my body.

Are burrow marks easy to tell apart from other commonly seen skin marks, I have always had not very clear skin so I'm finding it difficult to tell apart. Are the burrow marks itchy and do they usually appear alongside a rash?

My doctors are busy and I won't be able to see one for at least a month.

The itching on my body (other than inside my nose) isn't really bad now at all, and is no different at night to how it is during the day.

Does this sound anything like scabies? I have a phobia of insects/parasites and I really don't want it to be that. I can provide images of anything I see on my body if I get any replies.