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    Question Diagnosed with Ringworm / Fungal Infection? Or is it pityriasis rosea? (inc. photos)

    Hi all,

    I started with an itchy scalp over 12 months ago now. I had little spots on my scalp which turned scabby when I scratched them.

    The doctor said it was folliculitis and that it would go on its own! Anyway I put up with it for a few months and it seemed to come and go. I went back to the doctor in August last year and I was given clarithromycin. This seemed to clear it up temporarily but it came back about a month later, and I was given flucloxacillin. This has the same effect, but it came back again.

    At the end of November I got a little red spot on my groin, which within a few days quickly turned into a circular rash. I also had one on my lower leg which was quite similar. I went to the doctors and they said it was a fungal infection.

    To cut a long story short, more of the rash has appeared on my arms, legs, buttocks, back and groin area. It is sometimes quite itchy but not that bad. I seem to see more little red spots appearing, but they either stay or go. They don't seem to be developing into anything larger.

    Since early Decemeber I've tried Lamsil, Daktakort & Canesten (Clotrimazole). I've also had 15 days worth of itraconazole. The rash doesn't really seem to be getting any better, but it seems to be under control (fingers crossed). I have also been using Nizoral shampoo which seems to help a little with my scalp.

    My worry is that the doctors have misdiagnosed me. Shouldn't the medicines have had some sort of effect by now if it was a fungal infection? I've been using the cream and shampoo for 8 weeks and taken the oral tablets in-between too. I am wondering if it actually pityriasis rosea.

    I have uploaded some pictures below (please let me know if you need better quality images I used my mobile phone), apologies for me awful skin

    If anyone could give me some advice I would really appreciate it as this is starting to get me down


    Hip / groin (Herald patch?)

    Lower arm

    Belly / stomach

    Kind regards

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    **Jonathan** Male

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    Jan 2015


    More images....

    Belly / stomach

    Lower leg / shin

    Lower leg


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    **Jonathan** Male

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    Jan 2015


    Last 2 images.....


    Back - there are 3 of these - one at the top, one in the middle and one on my lower back towards the right side.

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    **Jonathan** Male

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    Jan 2015


    Anyone have any ideas at all? :-(

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