Just plain coconut oil for skin and hair. Got it actually from Hollywood stars and Victoria Secret models. But it's messy (think oil in pillow and bedsheet), greasy and too much work (think rinsing 3 times to get it off your hair, twice from the body longer if your water is not hot enough). My friend had a recipe for coconut oil bar that you use like a soap but it got ingredient to harden the coconut oil that is the same for making meth, so it's not kosher here in this family forum (lol). I use loofah in pure organic coconut oil for daily shower and virgin coconut oil for hair care as an alternate to shampoo and I got mine from a personal source (I won't spam for them). I can do it myself but it takes 4 weeks to cure the coconut oil to be useable as coconut oil bar. Again too much work for a DIY personal use.