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    Default Bumps on penis shaft and testicles.

    Hello, my ex girl friend had hpv. We had unprotected sex, now I have these bumps everywhere from my shady to my testicles. They appear to look like pimples. Though when I attempt to pop them, sometimes nothing comes out. I did get one to pop, and it just released a very small white ball, like that from a pimple. I should say I noticed the first one after having sex with my ex and I had a burning feeling in the tip of my penis. Which she replied she forgot she had a great infection. I applied some yeast infection cream to my penis and haven't had a problem since with that. Just started noticing these bumps on my testicles at first.

    Can anyone tell me what these might be?

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    Welcome to the forum Rob.. You condition can be anything like molluscum contagiosum, genital warts or just folliculitis.. it would be good if you post a clear picture of the lesion so we can suggest you better. Does it itch? pain? skin colored or red inflamed?

    Please post a picture....

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    No, they don't itch. They appear to be soon color. At first I thought they were just razor bumps/burn. But they haven't gone away. I'm having trouble uploading them from my phone. Can I email them to you?

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    Well thanks for the pics, though they were not very clear. Anyway they look like Sebaceous Prominence or Fordyce Spots. They are totally harmless. For details:

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