Hello, I had a small lump on my bottom lip where the lip borders the skin that looked like a tiny pimple and turned white when I strectched my lip over my teeth. It didnt have any opening and was just there, I didn't go away for at least a year or so and I don't know how it got there. Then, I had what I think was a viral infection on that "pimple-like lump" a few months ago where it "bubbled" and pus came out, the affected area was way larger than the original small lump. It was painful and nasty at the time but slowly scabbed over and detached piece by piece. What was left was still lump on the exact same spot, now wider and a bit flatter, but really red. And if I stretched my lip I could still see the white blob still inside ( I think its pus). Over a month layers fell off and some of the pus drained out but the problem is that now its still there. Its still always red, now a little darker, and there are still small white blobs when I stretch over my teeth. I think it may be an abscess but I've done weeks of hot/warm presses and nothing drains out. Is there any way to fix this or will it work its way out over the next few years.

I hope this was the right category, thanks so much for the help.