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    Default Sweating Problems

    I have severe sweating problems. It is ruining my personality altogether. I have left my last job because of this. In Ac room I get sweated soon. What to do to prevent that much sweating. I know its normal but in AC room? I am very curious to know if anyone facing the same problem and what is the way to get rid off it?

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    It could be thyroid dysfunction .....

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    Sweating is a normal function of the body that helps us to cool down in the heat and during exercise. But excessive sweating cause discomfort or skin irritation. It is also known as hyperhidrosis that is a medical condition that causes a person to sweat without the normal triggers of heat, exercise or emotional signals.

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    i have same problem like Mr stevex. but i am a student age of 19 what should i do ?? can you help me with any suggestion?

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    **Rick Namer** Male

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    I have this issue. I've found the best way to treat it is with CertainDri

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    My hands always sweat, in any season: warm or cold, sun or rain It really annoys me. How can I stop this? I have tried many ways: drink vitamins, supplements, herbal tea and meditation also ( it has no result.

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    I experienced the opposite while on Hydros. I quit sweating totally. Even in the heat. Just recently, I felt warm enough to sweat and that's 27 days off the stuff! I think the drugs do affect our thermostats somehow. Wondered how old you are? Could it be hormonal---like menopausal or pre-menopausal stuff? Just wondered about hormones. I have not taken much oxy, so I don't know about tapering. BUT I am sure there are others who can help you. Most do CTurkey! I did the taper with hydrocodone, but it was such a long time of withdrawal only to go through withdrawal! I am sure some others can give better advice.

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