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    Hi DermaTalkers! It's me again! My mom bought me a Shu Uemura eyelash curler the other day. It wasn't my birthday or anything; in fact, I don't know why she got me one, but I'm excited to use it! I've never used it before though. For those of you who use a curler, can you please share some tips? Do I just clamp my lashes? For how long? I don't have a hair dryer so I can't make the curler warn like they do in the salon...

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    Wow, it's been years since I used one and I had to go look it up to make sure they hadn't changed much in design. It looks much the same, so here's how I used to do it.

    Put on a single coat of mascara if you wear it because that'll help your lashes hold the curl. Open your eyes wide as you can, open up the curlers and slide them down the length of your lashes without touching them. (Think of it as threading a needle). Get as close to the eyelash roots as you can get them. Be very careful because if you go too far you'll catch the skin around your eye when you close the clamp and that's painful.

    Once you're satisfied with the position, close the clamps tight for about 15-20 seconds. Release them and remove without touching the lashes best you can. If you drag them off, you'll just drag out the curl. You should have a lovely curl now. Top it off with an extra coat of mascara and go flutter them! You may need to do it twice to get the desired effect.

    Good luck and let us know how you got on. It's worth doing because it really opens up your eyes. Hmmm, I want a pair again now!!

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