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    Quote Originally Posted by Crazysah View Post
    Wow. Seems like it is quite hard for you ladies out there. To the men; is it worth it?
    I think its worth it, being a guy. It just seems a lot easier to manage without all the hair getting in the way of performance. However, when you first start you may of a few problems, itching and what not.

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    waxing is worth it shaving is not from my point of view. Shaving is good for a day or so then its sand paper. waxing is smoother and longer lasting which means girls so he should be!! yeah right!!!!!!!!!!

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    I had my legs waxed and it hurt like the dickens. There is NO way I would get my private parts waxed! I have heard it does not hurt as much but I am not going to find out!

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    i'm not going to do that too. :

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    How long waxing lasts?

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    It lasts a few weeks, but you need to let your hair grow about 1/4 inch to repeat the procedure.
    I tried brazilian a few times, and every time half way into the procedure I was willing to pay double to make it stop. But the result was amazing - baby smooth skin for first two weeks, then some hair start growing, but it doesn't feel like sandpaper. I can't bring myself to do it again.
    to Starchild47- actually it hurts more. I tried waxing other body parts and NOTHING hurts as much brazilian

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    I don't like to use razors but its the convenient one.

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    Never tried a Brazillian and don't think I ever will, haha! I use Nair hair removal on my bikini line, doesn't hurt a bit.


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    how do they do, i'm scared about waxing, i just trim it short.
    I love My Skin

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    I prefer waxing so much better than shaving. When I used to shave it gets itchy, grows back within a day, ingrown hair, and it grows back thicker than ever! I never had a bad experience with waxing and it did hurt the first time but it gets better the more you do it. I do it myself!

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