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    Default waxing down there

    has anyone ever tried getting a brazilian wax? i always wondered how it was like, because none of my friends would ever try it with me. are there any risks?

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    Oh mine! I don't want to scare you chicque but to me it was the worst thing that ever happened. I had to go for a swimming session and I thought of trying waxing instead of epilator or razor. My whole bikini area was swollen like I had hundreds of bee stings and it kept on hurting till days. I had to miss my swimming for full one

    But my friends say, its only the first time that you get so much pain..when newer hair grow they being softer, cause less pain.

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    Contrary to alice's statement, it's actually not something you should be scared of. Of course, the first time is always the most painful but when you continue doing it, it doesn't hurt anymore. I don't like shaving "down there" and haven't tried the epilator thingie either.

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    Ouch! That is painful, Alice. Hmm... I do not like to try that. I'd better use the razor. I think the second try is still painful. Maybe the 10th time is not as painful as the first.

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    OK I definitely think that I'll be sticking with shaving here because I am not one for pain LOL

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    i hate razors and i think i'd rather get mine waxed than risking cutting myself like my friend did! and i think i have a high tolerance of pain so i'm sure it won't be THAT bad....i'm going to a spa on monday, so i might get it done.

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    chicque I'm anxious to hear if you get it done, how it went. I'm also curious what your friend did that scared you of razors.

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    Its better to use razors than try

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    I've had my pubic area waxed by a professional and by my wife. It didn't hurt too much, however my wife would tell you a different story about her 'painful adventure'. Its well worth the cost and time to get it done professionally, you'll love the results.

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    Wow. Seems like it is quite hard for you ladies out there. To the men; is it worth it?

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