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    Default Get rid of scabies

    How to get rid of scabies?? Which product is good for this??

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    Any scabicidal drugs will do.. most commonly, apply lotion containing permethrin leave it overnight and wash in the morning. Repeat after one week. Oral agents like Ivermectin can also be taken after doctor prescription.

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    Borax contains hydrogen peroxide which is a natural property that can be used to address fungicide and insecticide infections, associated with killing off scabies. The active ingredients in Borax directly affects the mites under the skin, by destroying the outward coating that protects the mites, so that they will dry up and die. It is encouraged that people soak in Borax and water. Use 1 to 2 cups of Borax in a tub of water. Continue this daily method until you can see topical improvement. Use this same product to wash clothing and bedding that has come into close contact with your skin.

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    Scabies makes your skin itchy. So, Neem is good and natural used to get rid of the scabies. Neem used to kill scabies. It also depends on your diet. Eat healthy or balanced diet.

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    There are some tips to get rid of scabies.
    You can use all Neem products such as Neem soap, rub Neem Oil or lotion all over the body.
    Bitter Gourd is a successful natural remedy for scabies.

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