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    Default 12 Simple Home Concoctions for Treating Acne Scars

    Looking for a cheap yet effective way of how to treat acne scar? Here are some things that you can concoct in the comfort of your own home:

    1. Squeeze the juice out of fresh lemons or limes. Apply the juice directly on your acne scars using a cotton ball. Let your skin soak up the lemon juice for a while before washing it off with water. Lemon juice improves the appearance of dark acne scars and blemishes by lightening them.

    2. Mix sandalwood with a few drops of rosewater to make a paste. The sandalwood and rosewater paste can be used as a facial mask and can be directly applied on the scarred area. Leave the paste on for more than an hour. Wear it overnight if you can. Wash off completely with water. This is an effective method of how to treat acne scar because of sandalwood’s soothing and cooling effect on the skin.

    3. Slice up a tomato and place it over your face. Tomatoes are rich in vitamin A that hinders overproduction of sebum that causes acne. Vitamin A also has antioxidant qualities that refreshes and renews scarred and damaged skin.

    4. Olive oil does not only improve the taste of food, but can also improve the appearance of acne scars. Massage olive oil on the scarred skin. Olive oil has a moisturizing quality that softens the skin’s texture and reduces visibility of acne scars.

    5. Honey is another natural moisturizer that can help in treating acne scars. You can use honey as a mask or orally take a specially formulated honey acne scar treatment.

    6. To treat acne scars, use this mixture as a face mask: 1 tablespoon of sour cream, 1 tablespoon of yogurt, 1 tablespoon of oatmeal, and a few drops of lemon juice. Pat the mixture onto acne scars, leave on for 10 minutes, and rinse off.

    7. A popular way of how to treat acne scar is to use a face mask made out of tomatoes and cucumbers. These two combined can greatly reduce the visibility of acne scars. Using a tomato and cucumber face mask also tightens the pores of the skin giving it a nice, even texture.

    8. To get a quick relief from acne scars, rub some ice cubes in a pack on the affected area. This soothes the irritated skin and also shrinks the size of pores.

    9. Fenugreek is an effective solution to how to treat acne scar. You can make a paste out of fenugreek leaves and use it as a face mask. You can also boil Fenugreek seeds in water and use the solution on acne scars after it cools down.

    10. Saturate a cotton ball with a few drops of acne-fighting essential oil such as lavender oil. Apply it on acne scars at least two times a day.

    11. Use cucumber juice or fresh cucumber paste as a face mask. Cucumber soothes inflammation, refreshes the skin, and heals acne scars.

    12. Egg whites are a cheap yet effective way of how to treat acne scar. Dab some egg whites onto acne scars using a cotton ball and leave on overnight to prevent acne and treat acne scars.

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    Nice tips! Thanks for adding them to my knowledge. I am also researching for various acne treatment options. Those seem some handy ones!

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    awesome! i'm actually looking for infos like this. actually my friend is already using ********** cream and her scars are starting to fade already but i' still show this to her.

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    One home remedy for treating acne naturally is to make a paste of rosewater and sandalwood and then apply this paste all over the affected skin in the form of a facial mask. This paste should be allowed to remain on the skin for at least an hour and then washed off completely with some cool water. This home remedy for acne scar is known to be effective because of the cooling and soothing effect of sandalwood on the skin.

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    I recently had a hormonal acne breakout and purchased ScarZone to battle the blemishes - it didnt work!! Then I used the Scar Serum from the Dr. Max Powers line and I like this product because it is super antioxidant and clears up acne pimple and helps to reduce any scaring. This product has salicylic acid to fight the pimples and works nice, also easy to apply and not goey or messy at all. Reasonably priced - and I can use as a moisturizer as well on my face.

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    I have just found a list of over 100 home remedies for acne. I cant wait to start using some of them, although I think I will give a few a miss such as the pee one.

    Here is the list everyone:

    [URL= Under review]


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    A great face mask that you can make at home to get rid of acne scars is:

    - 1 tablespoon sour cream
    - 1 tablespoon yogurt
    - 1 tablespoon oatmeal
    - A couple of drops of lemon juice

    Mix all of these together and place the mask on your acne scars or entire face and leave it on for 10-15 minutes and then wash off.

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    Thanks for this wonderful post. I have pimples around my chin and forehead, so this post is very useful for me. Again thank you.

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    this is fantastic! i'll share this to my friend who needs help with acne scars. i always knew natural products take care of our skin more than anything else.

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