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    That why I wrote "If your are do it for publicity"

    Quote Originally Posted by vencasand View Post
    low ph products will remove oil and dead cells for a while on your body.
    You are more than right, but only until some level. you can't make product to the human body with every low PH.

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    Default Cleansers

    I like to use a warm washcloth with a non-soap cleanser. Using a soft cloth gives me an overall clean feeling.

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    A microfibre cloth is great for exfoliating and cleansing the skin. I use this cloth every morning.

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    The decision on what to use to clense your face will depend greatly on your skin type.

    Take a look at this You Tube Vid -

    The vid is a quick quiz that you can follow to discover your skin type....

    Don't worry it's not an ad or selling link!

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    Default Cleansers

    this topic of cleansers is HUGE!!! yes we need to clean our skin, what we use is absolutely important. I have been in the beauty industry, working as a paramedical therapist, with skin being my specialty for over 20 years and have so much information to offer, for FREE. I love beauty, girls and now that I am no longer working in the industry, I cant wait to dish out all the inforamtion you want. Join my discussion group at Derma Talk "Breaking Free of the Beauty Myths" I would love you too.
    by the way, never use soap on your beautiful skin or body for that matter. so many of you posted about PH really important, without it your skin is vulnerable to pimple/acne causing bacteria and so on. I would be happy to answer any questions

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    Default Skin Care

    I recently found a great product called LANMI Skin Care from Korea. I have been using it for about one week and have noticed a wonderful difference in my skin.

    I can help others get the product from the local Korean distributor here in the Philippines. It is about 4000 Pesos for the 3 100 ML containers of Hydrate, Vitamin, and Collagen.

    You can email me at

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    Has anyone tried skin care products from ****. They are said to be good but i want more reviews

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    Default The best skin care system on the market right now

    Their facial cleanser is amazing. It feels like silk after you wash it off. I bought this stuff a month ago and I only had mild acne, but after like 4 days, the blotches start to fade. I recommend this product to everyone with problem skin. Check it out here: [ Link removed ]
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    Agreed! Astringent and a few toners dry out the skin. My skin is oily thatís why I use gel-based cleansers. You can apply cleanser on your skin and massage, remove with a damp flannel. Later apply a day or night moisturizer. Once a week you can exfoliate your skin.

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    great information! very helpful! Personally I don't use anything that contains chemicals on my face or anything man made (including soap), my skin is very sensitive to that stuff.

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