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    Cool Fair skin sun protection on the equator?

    I'm a senior (sort of) fair-skinned, red-haired Canadian/Brit, spending a winter on the equatorial coast in Ecuador. So far the temps haven't been as high as I feared, but the sun is very intense. The last thing I want is to turn my lovely soft skin into leather, but I don't want to hide myself from the beautiful beaches. I am using broad spectrum screens (100SPF face, and 60SPF body), and have a nice tan...escaped burning. I use various Vit E creams all over to try to keep my skin soft, and various facial moisturizers at night. Without spending a ton of money on more products, is there anything else I could be doing? Some natural ways to keep my skin soft..? Any suggestions will be welcome.:cool

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    Hi Julie. I would encourage you to make sure you up your water intake which will be an added benefit to what you are already doing. Also being sensible like covering up (especially the burnable areas like top of head, shoulders, feet) during the hottest few hours of the day and have rest days from the sun.
    You don't mention what Vit E cream you are using but I would apply that immediately after sun exposure and get some aloe vera gel which is good for sunburn. If you start to go red cover up rather than topping up the suncream.
    Most of all have fun.

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    you have to apply a mash bananas along with milk on your face,after the 20 minutes you can wash it .It makes your skin very supple and soft.

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    If you are suffering from any skin problem, you have to use cucumber along with Honey. this pack makes your skin clear and smooth.

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