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    I have never waxed my legs but was wondering if its the best thing to do. Now its getting cold again, when I shave my legs I find I get a rash and sometimes it becomes really itchy. Im not sure if its down to the weather but when its cold I seem to get really bad skin In your oppinion, would I be better to wax my legs rather than shave?

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    waxing is more effective then shaving,from my personal view.

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    I think waxing is better than shaving. Never try shaving because it will make your skin very rough and bad. Do waxing. Use some good branded waxing cream. I hope it will help you.

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    I use a depilatory cream for my legs and it leaves my legs smooth and hairless for a few weeks. I've only tried waxing once but I think the product I bought was a failure because it didn't work on my hair.

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    For legs usually shaving is the preferred choice because it is inexpensive. depilatory creams will be very expensive if used on legs. the problem with waxing is that you have to have some considerable hair growth before waxing. When hair growth is minor i suggest one go for shaving .

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    Yes, you need to have about 1/4-inch of hair in order to be able to wax, which is not always convenient. So shaving is probably better option.

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    I had my legs waxed once and it hurt so darn much that I was never brave enough to get it done again. I want to get it done because it took a while to grow them out again and I hate shaving because I get so rashy when I do.

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    The depilatory creams are a far better solution than anything else. They are easy to use, leave the legs feeling smooth and do not hurt so much

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    Yes I also Suggest you to Use Some Of The Branded Waxing Cream It'll Make Your Skin Really Smooth and Clear I Personally use this only.

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