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    Default Permanent hair removal,is it safe

    My age is 23 and I want to go for overall permanent hair removal. Is it safe for me? My skin type is normal and I don't have any skin problem as such other than dark facial hairs.

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    Yes, of course you can go for permanent hair removal. Nowadays, So many techniques are available but, with pulsed light treatment, the density of hair growth reduces visibly. This is a painless, fastest and safest procedure.

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    Practically none, if it is with the right doctor and right laser. As this treatment has to be done by only medical grade lasers, you must go only to a doctor and should not be taken lightly.

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    yea thankx .. i'm searching any good dermatologist here in pakistan to get suggestion.. if anyone know please let me know.

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    its hard to find good dermatologist online in pakistan.. you could better check dermatology clinics in your local area they might guide you..

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    try looking for a reputable doctor in your country's capital..since that's where most reputable businesses probably will be. and you have to make sure that your skin color and hair color are not the same, because then the laser will target your skin, not your hairs.

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    Default Permanent hair removal, is it safe

    The industry has safely and effectively performed thousands of laser hair removal treatments. Yes, laser burns can happen so I recommend you choose a clinic with experience, in which case burns should be very rare. Avoid sun exposure before & after your treatments and always let your technician know of current medications when starting your treatments and any changes in medication throughout your treatment.

    A common example of medication changes we see is antibiotics. It is a photosensitizing drug that can make you more susceptible to a burn so clinics typically won’t treat you during that time.

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    Another helpful thread from Dermatalk! Thanks guys! I've been considering getting laser hair removal as well but some of friends told me that you can't just go once, you have to have a few sessions for it to really work. That means that it's probably expensive so I'll probably have to save up for it. I really hate having to use hair removal creams all the time. Does anyone know what the average cost of getting permanent hair removal in Asia is? Is it cheaper in another country, say Malaysia or India?

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    If proper equipment is being used, you shouldn't have to go too many times. A lot of companies rent their laser and get charged by the pulse -- and they don't use enough pulses to save money. You get what you pay for, so ask a lot of questions first!

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    i guess its safe as long as you consult a good dermatologist

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