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    Unhappy The 3 Worst Food Mistakes You Should Avoid If You Want A Glowing Skin

    (1)Taking artificial sugar-excess of these sugars increase blood sugar and cause inflammation.This however affects the skin collagen and elastin.When the sugar is digested it becomes attached to the collagen.The more the amount of sugar attached the more damaging it becomes to the skin.
    (2)Taking Starchy And High Giycemic Foods-Foods like white bread,white rice and pasta are not good for your skin.When taken frequently,they also cause inflammation making the body to produce enzymes that break down collagen and elastin.Your skin then sags and wrinkles
    (3)Consumption Of Beverages-this contain sugars too.They get into the blood stream faster than even the foods and are more likely greater damage to the skin.Alcohol for example dehydrates the skin,making the skin to age prematurely.In the case of caffeinated drinks,the blood vessels become constricted and the amount of blood flowing to the skin is reduced.
    What Is The Way Forward
    -Eat a well nourished diet
    -Drink a lot of water
    -Take a lot of foods with antioxidants e.g fruits, beans
    -Stop all those skin damaging foods mentioned in this article.
    Good luck to you

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    Great info Solomon Papa. I learned yet another thing about skin care. Thanks much and God bless!

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    **Sharon Gomez** Female

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    Thanks for sharing...I will try to avoid all unwanted foods which harms my skin but I have question in my mind that if we don't take sufficient sleep then it will affect our skin glowness?Thanks in advance!

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    Moisturizing at night helps your skin repair itself.
    Stick to SPF 30
    get 6 to 8 glasses of water a day.
    Drink herbal tea.
    Eat a healthy diet.
    Avoid processed fruit.
    Cut down on salty foods.
    Do Cardio

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    Hi Sharon,Generally ,having enough sleep is good for ones health.I quite agree with you.At least 7hours sleep is enough.

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    Kevin,thanks for your input.I have never used spf 30 before as I am a supporter of home remedies.I like your other suggestions.May I ask you this question? How does the spf 30 work? Let me learn from you too.

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