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    Default Makeup Tips for Sweating Problems

    I'm 21 years,my face is oily and i usually sweat more than normal.My main problem is whenever i use makeups,due to excessive sweating all my makeups goes and looks ugly.Due to this i can't even attend marriage and parties with makeups.please suggest for oily face with excess sweating how should i use make up so my make-up stays longer and looks beautiful.

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    There is much more chances of dirt if you have oily skin,due to this your face looks dull.You must take a special care for oily skin.The first thing to do is maintain healthy diet.Don't take oily food or deep fried foods,take good sleep and take more water.

    As far as makeup is concerned,apply ice before makeup after applying ice apply pancake,after applying pancake apply ice again.After this apply your makeup.For oily skin always use waterproof makeups.This won't let your makeup go away if you sweats.I'm not a beautician but just few suggestions.Try it you'll feel better.

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    ice is good, but your skin will turn oily within a few hours anyway. my suggestion: use a good primer! it may be a little pricey, but it is worth it. if you can't afford an extremely good one, you can always powder your face again.

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    Thankyou all for your good suggestions.

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    As far as makeup is concerned,apply ice before makeup after applying ice apply pancake,after applying pancake apply ice again.
    Do you really mean pancake as in the one we eat with syrup?! Wouldn't my face be dirty is I apply pancake on my face after icing it? I've never tried ice because it melts so fast in my country but I'll be sure to do that as I'll be attending a party soon enough.

    I also have to agree with Chique, a good primer should do the trick! My skin still becomes oily with a primer so don't expect it to make all the oiliness disappear, but it will definitely prolong the oil secretion time. Hopefully by then the party or wedding that you'll be attending is over.

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    ^ i think he means like a compact powder instead of "pancake" LMAO if your face is still oily, and you don't want to keep layering on powder, you can always invest in oil blotting tissues

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    thankyou all for suggestion

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    Default Re:Makeup Tips for Sweating Problems

    There are number of cosmetics creams or oils are available in the markets.These cosmetics control the oily actions and maintain your skin normally.You can use mac oil control lotion and others to handle this problem.You will have no problem due to sweating and oily problems that is natural for you.

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    To counteract oily skin and to keep foundation from sliding off when you sweat, try using a makeup primer or makeup base. The silicone in makeup primers will help hold your foundation in place. I have found from personal experience that powder foundations slide off less quickly than liquid foundations so you could try that over a base.

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    This happens to me as well. You need to get any of the long lasting makeups that are on the market, almost every major company makes them, and foundation, lipsticks, mascara, are available that all last all day no matter what. They won't sweat off your face.

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