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    Default Is coffee bad for your skin?

    What do you think? Is coffee bad for your skin,any suggestion for this?

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    Default Drinking coffee?

    I'm not positive what you are referring to, but if you mean is drinking coffee bad for your skin, I'll try to answer that. Coffee acts as a natural diuretic, meaning you lose water from your system more than what is coming in from the coffee. If you drink nothing but coffee, it can definitely be very bad for your skin. You will dehydrate slowly if you drink just coffee and your skin can become very dry and crepey looking quite quickly. Doctors will tell you to drink two glasses of water for every cup of coffee you drink for optimal hydration.

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    yup coffee acts as a mild diurectic so it if you take more coffee it might dehydrate your skin thus resulting in dry and bad skin,drinking water after/before coffee might be a good idea.

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    If you apply coffee on your skin then it's supposed to be healthy though. Many companies are starting to make skin care lines using coffee. Apparently, the caffeine helps to reduce cellulite. I don't know how this works and what's behind the research on this, but don't be shocked to see soap bars with coffee or lotions with coffee sometime soon.

    Drinking it will definitely make your skin age faster though. But as long as you drink a moderate amount, it should be fine. Some coffees are even good for the heart because of the antioxidants it has.

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    Im not sure on that, but anything excessive could be bad. I found an interesting article where they says that coffee can fight skin cancer because it contains antioxidants. By taking it a lot, can cause dehydration of the skin

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