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    Ive tried some of these whitening products ( cant remember the name of it now, but when I do I'll post the name of it ). It really dident work for me. But I see some new tips and tricks here that I havent tried.

    I dont have have yellow teeths, but its not a colgate smile either. Reason for that is probably beacouse I use a tobacco product we have here in Norway called snus. It can make your teeths quite yellow if you dont brush and take care of your teeths!

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    I suggest you to go to your dentist and have it done. There's a lot of ways to make your teeth white and I am pretty much sure that dentist knows best. Or If not why dont you use toothpaste that can whitens teeth. I prefer, you better use products from nu skin they have this AP24 whitening fluoride toothpaste.To convince you more I personally use AP24 toothpaste. And I tell you it works.

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    Why dont you try to use whitening toothpaste like AP 24 whitening fluoride toothpaste from Nu Skin. I recommend this because I have used this before and it really removes stains while whitening , brightening and polishing teeth for radiant smile. Also, it provides a long -lasting fresh,clean mouth while aiding in prevention of dental cavities. Still, If you really want to make your teeth so white I suggest you to just go to a dentist and have your teeth undergo bleaching or you can consult your dentist on what to do to achieve the looks/teeth that you want.

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    I would suggest you to use ap24 for your teeth because I have been using it for 2 years already and I must say it is very effective. My teeth was also yellowish like yours but who would say it now.

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    This can help you to keep your teeth clean and white:
    1.Gently brush your teeth at least twice a day.
    2.Floss your teeth every day.
    3.Avoid using too much fluoride
    4.Avoid sticky, sugary foods.
    5.Change your toothbrush every 3 months.
    6.Eating apples helps in cleaning teeth and gum.
    7.Avoid smoking
    8.Avoid more consumption of coffee.
    9.Avoid tobacco use
    10 Use baking soda.
    11.Take care when choosing a mouthwash.

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    Thumbs up Tips to make teeth white

    You can blend hydrogen peroxide with your own toothpaste and brush your teeth using it. you can also add little amount of lemon juice so it will act as a stain remover but don't use too much lemon juice, it may cause your teeth to be weak.

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    Dental care is a requirement for strong gums, safety ofdental work, plus decreasing the risk of gum disease from precise health issues. One of the major common ailments treated by dentist is periodontal or gum disease. Periodontitis is more serious than gingivitis and affects the gums, the surrounding bone (causing bone loss), and the supportive structures of the teeth.

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    Eat plenty of strawberries. Strawberries contain malic acid, a natural bleaching agent that may be just as effective as name brand teeth-whiteners. You can even mash a strawberry and apply it directly to your teeth to brighten your smile gently and effectively.

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    yes baking soda is good and effective option but avoid smoking as well. teeth twice a day with some good paste.

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    Baking soda really works. I put it on my toothbrush and in just 7 days my teeth got whiter than ever. I told my whole family. Now we all have white teeth. It will look like it stained your teeth even more but by the 4th day it will get whiter. TRUST Me!

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