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    Default Rash on penis after condom break, won't go away.

    I had a condom break during sex over a month ago now.

    I have had that happen before and suffered skin breakage, rash afterward but it went away. This time, the rash/abrasion has remained and I'm getting worried. I'm going to get tested again for STIs but don't feel that there is much risk of that. I also don't believe it's candida since there is no pain/itching/discharge or any spreading. It's just staying the same but not healing?

    I've tried putting aloe on it and also tried hydrocortizone/anti fungal cream but only applied that once as i was worried it might make things worse.

    I've attached a pic.

    I have continued to have sex (a few times a week), should I reframe completely?

    Again, there is no discomfort, pain or anything like that. It's just the rash seems to be permanent now! and it looks bad. It can tend to look more red than it does in these pics.

    Any advice very much appreciated.

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    Hi James welcome to the forum, sorry for late reply..How is the lesion? is it still there or has it subsided? is it tender on touch? Have you had any medications recently?

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    It is still there

    It's not tender to touch or painful at all.

    No medications that I can think of no. It was happening straight away after a condom break but just odd that it didn't heal. I feel like it's because I kept having sex and didn't give it a break and now I worry it's there forever.

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    Default is it cured ? What medication you had?

    is it cured ? What medication you had?

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